Making of Einstein Hands app

Teaching children how to use sign language as young as 6 months to communicate? What an amazing thought.

Every parents dream!
Well, it was mine for sure.

Remember seeing programmes on chimps being taught to sign? And it worked?!

I came across signing for kids, for the first time whilst living in London. My little guy was 3 months old, and I enrolled him for weekly classes at Tiny Talk, ‘to see if it works’.

At 9 months Tyler was signing when he wanted to sleep and when he was hungry. Imagine?! I was beside myself to finally have figured out what he needed! And apart from nailing basic communication in early stages, there are a lot of other benefits. Children that sign, can communicate with one another, speak earlier, and learn additional languages faster too.

We moved back to SA, and I was desperate to keep it up.

A serendipitous meeting took place about 3 months ago, where the crèche my little guy goes to was trying out signing, lead by the inspirational Nadia Botes.

I approached her, and expressed my interest in maybe doing an app for kids and mum.

And here, the journey begins..

Having a child opens up a box of ideas that you’d never think you had.
UCD takes on a whole new dimension if the user is your child.

I’ll be posting research, sketches, prototypes and more..


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