Taking over the world, and getting paid for it.

Realise your social capital

Money out of thin air, for leveraging your social authority

I joined a talk recently, by Suraj Sodha, the founder of Internet Marketing Highway. And he discussed how being influential online, could help you earn a second income, …all automated of course.  It was based on setting up an affiliate marketing system.  And if you have a large following (via Blog, twitter, facebook), it could be a nice little earner…  *without trying to sound like I’m selling you something*

Suraj is making a good living off doing this, and I was interested to find out how.

The trick to making this work, is to having a large following, so this wont happen over night, unless you’re a real life star.
It’s also really important to have a home base, i.e. your blog, where all traffic from your twitter or Facebook accounts are directed to.

Then, to join an affiliate portal like Buy.at.  Buy.at review your klout and if you’re seen to have access to many, they grant you tools to placing adds on your blog.  The alternative is to place an ad on Facebook, which seems far easier way to target who you’re after, and you have access to the masses.

But it begs the question(s): How influential are you online? Could you earn a second income from your followers?
To get an indication of your authority, audience and activity online, have a look at PeerIndex or Klout. Understanding your social capital, is a good starting point.

Then you need to get going with setting up blogs, twitter accounts, and certainly give facebook’s new timeline platform a go!
AKA Social OS or the EGO system, can make building an online profile easier.  And of course, marketing your business (if you have one) lets not forget they’d have targeted access to more than 800 million active users.

And then to track it all, plug in Google Analytics


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